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Our Leadership

The Foundation Board of Directors consists of community volunteers, plus the Executive Director of the Foundation.

Kevin Antonides, Chair

“West Lincoln Memorial Hospital has been the birthplace of the 4 most important people in my life: my wife and our 3 children.  The wonderful care we received as a family over the years has been excellent. Serving on the Foundation Board is my opportunity to give back to our hospital and community.”

John Mehlenbacher

John Mehlenbacher, Vice President – Finance

“The West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation is a pillar of strength, unity and stability in the community.  I am honoured to be working alongside the leadership team to help increase the quality of patient care and accessibility throughout the community.  Through hard work, I hope to continue the tradition of excellence at the WLMH for future generations.”

AJ Jethva

A.J. Jethva, Vice President – Governance

“The West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation is an important link between the community and our incredible hospital.  It is my privilege, as a local business owner and pharmacist, to volunteer and support the Foundation to strengthen healthcare for West Niagara.”

Joan Puddicombe

Joan Puddicombe, Secretary

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital touches the lives of many residents of all ages in West Niagara and I take comfort in knowing that the programs and services are always available to all of us.  It is a privilege for me to have the opportunity to give back to my community by joining the WLMH Foundation Governing Board.  I am proud to support our local hospital and share my time with the fundraising arm of the hospital, the WLMH Foundation.

Gary Benson

Dr. Gary Benson, Director

I have had the privilege of being a part of the medical staff at WLMH for more than 40 years. Now that I am retired from medical practice I am delighted to be a community representative on the WLMH Foundation Board.  WLMH has been and will continue to be a model community hospital providing health care to the residents of West Niagara and Stoney Creek. As we move closer to the rebuild of our hospital we must all work together to make certain that WLMH continues to provide essential health care service to our communities for future generations.

Danielle Charbonneau

Dr. Danielle Charbonneau, Director

I have worked as a physician at WLMH for the past eight years. I am very proud to be a member of the team of physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and other hospital staff who serve the healthcare needs of this community. I’m a passionate advocate for quality family and community-based healthcare. I am happy to have this opportunity to be a part of the WLMH Foundation and to guide and contribute to the future of this hospital.

Pamela Ellens

Pamela Ellens, WLMHF – Executive Director

It is an honour to be a member of the WLMH Foundation Board in my role as Executive Director.  I am grateful to all the volunteers and donors who I have the privilege of partnering with to ensure our hospital has the resources available to provide excellent hospital care for our family and friends.

Alice Klamer

Alice Klamer, Director

WLMH has served the needs of my family for over 5 decades and to 4 generations.   The care we have consistently received has been superior and always delivered with compassion.  It is an honour to serve on the Foundation Board and I am proud to have the opportunity to make a difference to an institution that has had a tremendous impact on the health of our community.

Maria Lucarelli

Maria Lucarelli, Director

I have always believed that it is important to give back to the community which benefits us all.  We have a wonderful community here in Grimsby and a cornerstone of our community is our beloved local hospital which has been a province wide leader in community healthcare.  The WLMH Foundation works tirelessly to raise the much needed funds for our hospital to service our community with excellence in healthcare.  I am proud of our Hospital’s Foundation and pleased to be a member of the team which ensures that our community has the resources necessary for quality healthcare.

Nwachukwu Nwebube

Dr. Nwachukwu Nwebube, Director

I have always felt that West Lincoln Memorial Hospital has a unique place as the heart of this community.  Without it, we would not only lose great and easy access to excellent health care but a portion of the soul of this community.  I have, therefore, always been a passionate supporter of the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation which I was delighted and honoured to join as a member of its Governing Board.

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