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“The Foundation plays a vital role to the hospital, fundraising makes it possible to afford equipment and building improvements.”

Vickie Baird

Urgent Needs


Pharmacy Project (Acudose and Pacmed System) - $373,976

To invest in our C Ward, ICU, OBS, OR and Pharmacy Departments by supporting our Pharmacy Project, click the donate now button on the right.

The AcudosePharmacy Project will benefit the patients served in the following departments of WLMH; C Ward, Intensive Care Unit, Obstetrics, Operating Room, and Pharmacy. 

This system allows for each patient to have their own secure medication drawer, with ONLY those doses that the nurse needs, in a format that is as close to ‘ready to use’ as possible.  This minimizes the potential for dispensing errors when pharmacy is preparing the thousands of doses required each week.  In addition to improving efficiency significantly, this system also facilitates inventory management of medications for first doses in a controlled way that is safer than the manual ward stock option.

The implementation of this system will build safeguards into the drug distribution system at WLMH for increased patient safety.  It will also assist WLMH in meeting the required Accreditation Canada standards for managing medications. 

Medication patient at a time.


Project X-Ray - $3.6 Million Community Initiative

To invest in our Radiology department by supporting Project X-ray, click the Project X-ray donate now button on the right.

A key focus for the WLMH Foundation is the acquisition and replacement of several key radiology pieces of equipment and facilities.  This equipment will position WLMH as a leader in the medical field.

Pacs PACS is a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).  PACS is a 'film less' system which allows images to be viewed and stored electronically.  The system will help to create a comprehensive electronic patient record of diagnostic images such as x-rays and enable medical staff to provide more expedient, immediate and well informed care.

Ultrasound Unit undertakes a procedure in which energy sound waves (ultrasound) are bounced off internal tissues/organs and make echoes.  The echo patterns are shown on the screen of an ultrasound screen, forming a picture of body tissues called a sonogram.

X ray rooms X-Ray Room 1 & Room 2 will be upgraded with advanced, state-of-the-art radiology equipment ensuring enhanced diagnostic testing and improved maneuverability for medical staff and patients.


Portable X-Ray Unit will allow medical staff the flexibility of bringing the equipment to the patient, instead of the patient to the equipment.

Mammography unit Mammography Unittakes a specific type of image that uses a low dose x-ray system to examine breast.  A mammography exam, called a mammogram, is used to aid in the diagnosis of breast diseases.


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