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“Serving on the Foundation Board is my opportunity to give back to our hospital and community.”

Kevin Antonides

Community Investments at Work

Annual Equipment Needs
Your investments directly impact the programs and services, equipment, and most importantly the patients and their families who come to West Lincoln Memorial Hospital for care.  Every investment helps us to fulfill our goal of providing the most comprehensive medical care close to home.
For a detailed listing of the most recent funding to WLMH, click here.
Your investing in life is making a difference.

Project X-ray
A strong West Lincoln Memorial Hospital benefits all.  Everyone from the tiniest newborn babies to the oldest residents of our community rely on our local hospital to meet their healthcare needs at some point in their lifetime. 
Your investments in new state-of-the-art radiology technology and equipment enables our Hospital to continue to deliver the very best in diagnostics.  Project X-ray provides West Lincoln Memorial Hospital with general x-ray service, fluoroscopy examination in real time, ultrasound technology with echocardiogram and colour doppler abilities, a mobile radiography system, mammography units with clearer imaging allowing more surety of diagnosis without the need for invasive techniques, and a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) that stores x-rays and scans electronically.
While some of this equipment has been installed at WLMH, the Foundation continues to work with our community to fund this initiative.  The Project X-ray campaign goal is estimated at $3.6m.  Outstanding grant to WLMH as at fiscal year ending March 31, 2018 totals some $934,797.
Our mission has never been clearer.....come lend a hand.

Investing in Life Campaign
In 2000 the Foundation launched a $12.5m ‘bricks and mortar’ campaign to build a new West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. 
The Foundation is pleased to announce that this goal has been fulfilled by dollars raised and pledges, substantiating the dream for a new hospital. This dream will continue to be pursued until it becomes a reality, and all contributions fueling this dream will remain secure in a restricted trust fund.
Your investing in life is building a healthier community.