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National Philanthropy Day - Infinite Possibilities

Posted on Friday, November 15th, 2019 |

On November 14, West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation (WLMHF) had the great honour of celebrating our community and those who continually take responsibility and turn possibilities into reality for our West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.  

“National Philanthropy Day provides an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of giving, all that has been accomplished and all that is still possible,” said Kevin Antonides, Chair, WLMHF Governing Board.

Each year the Foundation recognizes individuals and businesses whose cumulative gifts have reached new levels over the past year, or who have been newly added to the Hall of Honour.

As part of the celebration, recognition was paid to 12 constituents who moved to a new level on the Hall of Honour:  four new Founders, three new Patrons, one new Benefactor, and four new Leaders. 

The keynote speaker of the evening was Joe Roberts, The Skidrow CEO who, 25 years ago was pushing a shopping cart in Vancouver’s downtown eastside as a homeless drug addict.  He maximized his second chance in life to create extraordinary business success.  His story was one of perseverance, determination and the resiliency of the human spirit.  He is a living testament to the idea that ‘anything is possible.’

The celebration also included bursaries presented to the top fundraising schools who participated in the Peachbud School Challenge: Covenant Christian School and Grimsby Secondary School.  The Dream team top fundraisers, Dr. Danielle Charbonneau and Dr. ChuChu Nwebube were recognized.  Appreciation was extended to the Foundation’s Governing Board Director who completed her tenure as President, Alice Klamer. 

Greetings were brought to the audience on behalf of hospital by Cindy MacDonald, WLMH Director of Community Programs, and on behalf of the Medical Staff by Dr. ChuChu Nwebube, Site Lead for Obstetrics and Gynecology at WLMH and Director of WLMH Foundation Governing Board.

Each year the Foundation recognizes three constituents who support our hospital and the greater good of our community.  This year, the awards were presented to:

Youth Philanthropists of the Year: Haylee Karklins-White

Haylee feels that all is possible in life, you just have to adapt yourself to your current situation to achieve your anticipated results.  Involved in many sports including tennis, badminton, curling and karate.  She holds a part time job while studying at Grimsby Secondary School and volunteers at her high school and in the community. 
This young lady’s possibility thinking is making a difference in our world. 

Community Organization Philanthropist of the Year: Cairn Christian School

The students at Cairn Christian School have proven that their possibilities are endless.  Located in the rural town of West Lincoln, this school inspires their 245 students to love, learn and lead together in God’s world. 
Fundraising for our hospital and advocating for the importance of WLMH in our community, even writing letters to our Provincial Government, these students have come to feel a sense of ownership over the future of our Hospital. 

Individual Philanthropist of the Year: Larry Thornley

Larry visualizes the impossible and then turns it into possible.  He states that possible is far greater than what we can see at first glance. 
Larry shares his time, energy, wisdom and finances as these are all given to be used wisely and to bring joy to yourself and the world around you. 
Supporting the hospital is very important to him as he feels it is the backbone piece of our community and everyone needs access to this very essential care. 

Hospital Family Philanthropist of the Year: Dr. Jon Ginsburg

It was lucky for our community that Dr. Jon Ginsburg found his way to our little hospital in Grimsby all the way from South Africa.    Throughout his career he has been insturmental in many key roles advocating for our hospital, stating that it is his firm belief that the hospital remain an integral part of our community.  He feels that living and raising his family in Grimsby has been the best experience.  He will continue to advocate and support WLMH which he believes is an icon. 

“It is important that we not let our thoughts limit our possibilities.  We have seen many examples in those honoured at National Philanthropy Day who have made a difference in our world by imagining the impossible.  We are grateful to everyone who supports a healthy future at WLMH by Investing in Life,” further stated Kevin Antonides, Chair, WLMHF.


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