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Fundraising supports women’s health needs and teaching at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Posted on Thursday, November 24th, 2016 |

For women between 21 to 69 years old, having a Pap test every three years is the only way to detect early changes that might lead to cervical cancer. When a Pap result shows that there may be abnormal cells present in the cervix, women are referred to a colposcopy clinic to determine whether the cells simply require monitoring or if they are cancerous.

Women in West Niagara rely on West Lincoln Memorial Hospital’s (WLMH) colposcopy clinic for expert care and treatment.  Exams require a colposcope, an instrument which provides a magnified view of the cervix, allowing gynecologists to assess the area. Depending on the outcome of the exam, women may return to the clinic for monitoring, for a biopsy or treatment.

Funds from West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation’s annual Trees of Healthy Wishes campaign will support Hospital priorities, including the colposcopy clinic so that women can continue to access to the best care and technology in the convenience of their community hospital.

Dr. Nwachukwu Nwebube, WLMH site chief for obstetrics and gynecology, founded the clinic in 2005, so that women could receive care in their community rather than travelling to other hospitals.

“Eleven years later, that equipment now needs replacing. This funding will enable us to upgrade what we have, and it will also provide us with a new monitor which is an important teaching tool so that we can train residents, medical students and midwives,” said Dr. Nwebube.

He is grateful that funds from the WLMH Foundation’s annual Trees of Healthy Wishes campaign will be supporting the purchase of new colposcopy equipment to give women access to the latest and best technology.

“I want to thank the Foundation for their support and for making it easier to provide care to our community. This commitment builds on the support we received for the original equipment funded by the WLM Auxiliary, said Dr. Nwebube.

“Having the community behind us gives us strength to keep doing what we’re doing and we’re eternally grateful.”

This holiday season, please support West Lincoln Memorial Hospital’s Trees of Healthy Wishes campaign to support our hospital’s needs and the great tradition of patient care in our community. To make a donation by phone or for more information, please call 905.945.WLMH (9564) or visit
Is your cervical screening up to date? Know the facts

If you’re a woman between 21 to 69 years old, you are eligible to have a Pap test every three years.
“I can’t overemphasize the importance of regular cervical cancer screening. The cervix lends itself to screening as it is easily accessible, enabling us to identify pre-cancerous stages,” said Dr. Nwachukwu Nwebube, WLMH site chief for obstetrics and gynecology.

“Women often panic when they receive an abnormal Pap result, however, in very few cases, does this result in a diagnosis of cancer. When caught early, abnormalities can be successfully treated to prevent cancer, which is why screening is so essential.”

A Pap test can be done at your healthcare provider’s office. If you don’t have a healthcare provider, such as a family doctor or nurse practitioner, visit a walk-in or sexual health clinic. The Hamilton Niagara Haldimand Brant Regional cancer program also offers cervical screening on the Screen for Life Mobile Coach, with no appointment necessary. For more information, visit

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