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“Leading technology supports superior service and care to our patients.”

Dr. Ginette Laverdiere

2019 Quality Awards

Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2019 |

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Quality Awards acknowledge an individual, team or volunteer that goes above and beyond to make WLMH a better place for patients, families and each other.

This year’s recipients are:

Customer Service Focus Award – Mark Michener from the Engineering Department:

His nominators said:

• Mark understands that ALL departments play a role in ensuring an excellent patient experience. Although the maintenance team may not be at the front lines, he knows they have an impact on patient experience.
• Mark is compassionate and caring in his interactions with co-workers, patients and families and he is an active supporter of site and Foundation activities.
• Mark is keenly aware and sensitive to ensuring the environment is safe for all.

Excellent/Best Practice in Patient Safety – Michelle Ganzevoort, Educator

Her nominators said:

• Michelle is patient and staff-focused in everything she does. She genuinely cares about the learning needs of staff and creates a safe, productive environment where it is acceptable to be vulnerable. 

• Michelle prides herself in supporting staff to improve teamwork, cohesiveness and help deliver the best experience for our community

• She is passionate about keeping informed of new and improved best practices and sharing these with the teams she supports.

Teamwork Award – Dr. Mat Noble-Wohlgemut, Department: Medical Site Lead

His nominators said:

• Dr. Noble-Wohlgemut began the role of Medical Site lead during a very tumultuous period. He quickly demonstrated his commitment to moving the team forward through his words and actions and by valuing the team spirit at WLMH.  
• When dealing with challenging situations, Dr. Noble-Wohlgemut always seeks to understand the issue first as opposed to jumping to conclusions or interventions.  He offers alternatives and challenges people in their thinking in a way that is respectful of the individual.
• Dr. Noble-Wohlgemut is respectful of all members of the team. He recognizes and values the educational background and clinical expertise everyone brings. He welcomes and considers input from all team members.

Congratulations to Mark, Michelle and Dr. Noble-Wohlgemut and a special thank you to all of the other nominees for their outstanding contributions to our patients and each other: Kelly Gardner, Diagnostic Imaging/Emergency Department A3 team, B ward Team, Emergency Department Nurses, and Terri Makin.


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