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“The Foundation plays a vital role to the hospital, fundraising makes it possible to afford equipment and building improvements.”

Vickie Baird

A New West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Posted on Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 |

The West Lincoln Memorial Hospital project is moving forward with the selection of B+H Architects / mcCallumSather as the planning, design and conformance (PDC) team.

As the PDC team, B+H Architects / mcCallumSather will prepare project documents, including output specifications that will form the guidelines and performance requirements the successful building team must meet when preparing the design. The PDC team will also monitor construction progress and provide coordination and oversight during commissioning, completion, and transition to the new hospital.

The West Lincoln Memorial Hospital project will involve constructing a new, larger hospital on the property behind the existing facility. Features will include:
• Acute inpatient beds
• A 24-hour Emergency Department
• Maternal and newborn services
• Day surgical services including endoscopy and minor procedures
• Increased outpatient (ambulatory) care space to expand availability of consultation services closer to home
• Advanced diagnostics including X-ray, mammography, echocardiography and ultrasound, and CT scanner
The project will be delivered under Infrastructure Ontario’s public-private partnership (P3) model, which transfers the risks associated with design, construction and financing a complex hospital project to the private sector. The new facility will be publicly owned, controlled and accountable.
As the next major step, Hamilton Health Sciences and Infrastructure Ontario will issue a request for qualifications (RFQ), inviting teams to submit their credentials to design, build and finance the hospital. The RFQ is expected to be released in early 2021.
Visit https://wlmh.ca/ for more information.

Building a new hospital requires leadership and support from so many, including hospital staff and physicians, government, elected officials, teams of external experts, and the local community. We are grateful to all those who have helped to advance this important project and look forward to working with B+H Architects / mcCallumSather as we continue to make progress towards planning for a new WLMH.
Rob MacIsaac, President & CEO, Hamilton Health Sciences

I am very pleased to see this important step towards our new hospital proceed. I am grateful that the Minister of Health and Premier have responded to the advocacy of many constituents in Niagara West by expediting the process to build a new WLMH. This critical health care infrastructure project will serve many families, seniors, and mothers in Niagara West and beyond.
Sam Oosterhoff, MPP, Niagara West

Rankin Run Supports Technological Advancements for WLMH

Posted on Wednesday, July 15th, 2020 |

Computed tomography (CT) is coming to West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.

A CT Scanner combines a series of X-ray images taken from different angles around your body and uses computer processing to create cross-sectional images (slices) of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside your body.  CT Scan images provide more detailed information than plain x-rays.

Representatives from the Rankin Run, Tom Rankin and Wendy Wing of Rankin Construction Inc., present a donation of $45,000 to Tony Joosse, Co-Chair of the Save WLMH Committee, and accepting on behalf of the WLMH Foundation is Governing Board Secretary, Alice Klamer.  This gift has been designated to the CT Scanner Project.

“This year, although the Rankin Run was cancelled, we wanted to continue our tradition of giving back.  Recognizing the many benefits of bringing a CT Scanner to West Niagara, we chose to support the CT Scanner project at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital.  This is a very essential requirement for the delivery of patient care in West Niagara.”, stated Tom Rankin of Rankin Construction.  Mr. Rankin added, “The run director Mary Ann Edwards and her group of volunteers who work 365 days of the year, tirelessly and without remuneration,  make the run the success it is.” 

Tony Joosse, Co-Chair of Save WLMH noted, “This new diagnostic imaging machine is expected to open in the current facility, in 2020/2021 year, and will move to the new hospital once it is built.  This means most WLMH patients will no longer have to travel to another hospital for this important service.”

The CT Scanner project includes the capital cost of the scanner and the costs associated with construction, furniture, fixtures, licenses, workstations, software and training.  The WLMH Foundation has committed to fund the capital cost of the CT scanner.

“The WLMH Foundation is grateful to the organizers of the Rankin Run and Rankin Construction for investing in life, through their support of the CT Scanner project.   Every investment received helps fulfill our goal of funding the much needed equipment at WLMH, providing the most comprehensive medical care close to home.” states Alice Klamer, Secretary - WLMH Foundation. “We are most grateful to them for donating to this technological advancement required at our local hospital.”, she added.

For more information or to donate to the CT Scanner Project, click here.


About Rankin Construction Inc. / Rankin Run
Originally known as Stephens and Rankin Inc., the company was founded in 1978 by Tom Rankin and Dave Stephens.  Tom Rankin with his son Brian, and daughter Wendy, and family have been the sole proprietors since 1991. It is an innovative and diverse company that has a well deserved reputation for providing solid and dependable work. The company specializes in a wide range of heavy civil construction projects that include roads, bridges, sewer and water main, marine and renewable energy.

Rankin Construction is the title sponsor for the Rankin Cancer Run each year.  The philosophy of the run is very simple, to raise funds and give back to charities in the Regional Municipality of Niagara.  Over the past fourteen years, the Rankin Run has raised and returned to Niagara charities some $10,007,000; all benefitting our local communities.


Brandt Tractor Ltd. Making a Difference at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Posted on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 |

New technologically advanced operating room equipment is coming to West Lincoln Memorial Hospital (WLMH); a C-shaped x-ray arm (C arm) that provides real-time imaging during surgery.  The total cost of this project is $316,000.

Bart Brooks, Southwestern Ontario Division Manager, Brandt Tractor Ltd. presented Kevin Antonides, Chair of the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation with a donation in support of WLMH's operating room equipment needs.  Brandt Tractor designated their gift to the C arm and flouroscopy table project.

"The WLMH Foundation is grateful to Brandt Tractor for their donation and we sincerely appreciate the community's continued support of the medical equipment priorities for WLMH," states Mr. Antonides.

Each year Brandt Tractor sponsors the Rankin Run, hosted by Rankin Construction.  This year, although the event was cancelled, the management strongly felt the continued community obligation to donate to a charitable cause.

Mr. Brooks states, "Brandt Tractor is very proud that our donation for this year is going towards West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, and specifically towards the purchase of a C arm for the Operating Room.  A large number of our employees live in the Niagara Region, so having our donation stay in Niagara is an integral reason for our support."

For more information about the C arm project, click here.


About Brandt Tractor

Brandt Tractor Ltd. is located in Stoney Creek off of the South Service Road with the head office located in Regina, Saskatchewan.  Brandt Tractor is the largest privately owned John Deere Heavy Equipment Dealer in the world.  They sell and service John Deere heavy equipment, such as crawler dozers, wheel loaders and hydraulic excavators.  For more informtion on Brandt Tractor vistit www.brandt.ca



Peachbud Race CANCELLED

Posted on Saturday, June 6th, 2020 |

UPDATE - A Note from Race Series Director, Lyle Harris

While I am sure this will come with no surprise, it is with great disappointment that I must announce the official cancellation of Jerry's Peachbud 10K, 5K and 1K that was to be held in Grimsby, ON on Tuesday, June 30th. This is the first time in the events 45 year history that it will not be run.

We have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and I was hoping restrictions on public gatherings would be increased at this point, but that is obviously not the case, so for the safety of our athletes volunteers and spectators the event must be cancelled.

Over the years, Jerry's Peachbud has served as a major fundraiser for the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation so I would encourage you all to consider making a donation to them at this time. Click here to donate now.

All registered athletes for all cancelled races will receive a full refund minus any processing fees in the near future.

The remaining races in our 2020 calendar are also on a wait and see basis.

Keep safe, keep training, and hopefully we will be back racing soon.

Lyle Harris
Series Director

The Casablanca Hotel … Caring for our Heroes and Patients

Posted on Monday, April 20th, 2020 |

A stay in the hospital is never on anyone’s bucket list.  Visitors are not allowed in West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in order to protect the patients, hospital staff and medical professionals from Covid-19.

Recognizing that inpatient interaction with their family is essential during this unprecedented time, The Casablanca Hotel in Grimsby has stepped up to the plate, and generously donated four iPads to the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundation.  These ipads will be used to connect patients with their families during this unprecedented time of no visitation.  Families near and far from the patients will be able to visit remotely, and spend virtual time together.

“The Casablanca Hotel is honoured to provide tools to our caregivers, the heroes of West Lincoln Memorial Hospital, that will enable them to help patients stay connected and a little more comfortable,” states John Mehlenbacher, Vice President Governance - WLMH Foundation and owner of The Casablanca Hotel.  

The commitment in West Niagara to continually care for each other is exceptional and something for us all to be proud of!  Thank you to The Casablanca Hotel and our generous community, for investing in life.

Pictured is John Mehlenbacher, Vice President Governance - WLMH Foundation and owner of The Casablanca Hotel

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